Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Special Welcome: President Mark Young

    • Welcome and Workshop Overview

    • Tell us About Yourself

    • Church Participation Profile Survey

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Module I Discerning the Significance of God's Mission

    • Introduction to Module I

    • How to complete this module

    • Five Rs for Growth and Church Revitalization

    • Challenges to Church Mission

    • X Factor in Church Revitalization Assignment

    • A Flash from the Past: A Brief Context Survey

    • Church Membership Assessment: Church Performance Inventory

  • 3

    Module II Experiencing Church Mission as God's Mission

    • Introduction to Module II

    • How to Complete this Module

    • The Visible and Invisible Church

    • Unleashing the Power of Church Mission

    • Acts of the Local Church

    • Re-Imagining Church Mission in Action

  • 4

    Module III Improving Performance for Church Mission

    • Quiz: Recognizing Principal Criteria for Church Performance

    • Unpacking Church Performance

    • Church Performance Profile Resolution

    • Identifying Critical Success Factors for Church Revitalization

    • Creating a Pathway to Higher Church Performance

  • 5

    Module VI Mastering Church Revitalization

    • Strengthening Readiness for Church Revitalization

    • Innovating for Church Revitalization

    • Clarifying Values for Church Revitalization